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PKI logon & encryption


PKI-based smartcard security

Dot Origin is an independent value-added distributor for leading smart card hardware and software vendors, including Thales (previously Gemalto), HID and Versasec. An organisation’s established service or framework supplier often brings in Dot Origin as their expert partner for PKI smartcard solutions.

Out of the many two-factor security solutions available, including one-time-passcodes and USB key technologies, once customers have considered all the various operational and security aspects, the preferred solution is often one using PKI standards-based smart cards.

The strength of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security principals are well established, but so too is the misconception that deploying them within a corporate environment is likely to be too complex and costly.

To remove implementation barriers, we have put together a 5-user ‘Proof of Concept Kit’ based on our many years of experience in supporting customers through PKI logon implementation projects of all sizes.

The quick-start kit enables IT professionals to try-out secure smartcard-based user authentication at minimal cost, and with typically just a few hours of set-up time. Once proven, the chosen solution can be easily scaled to cover hundreds to many thousands of users.