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PKI card management


Secure and efficient card management solutions (CMS)


Secure issuance and control of PKI smartcards


Easy integration with existing infrastructure


Self-service and delegated admin functions


PKI logon quick-start kit

Card Management Systems (CMS’s) help to secure and simplify the management of PKI smartcards over their entire life-cycle, from personalisation and issuance to revocation – even across dispersed locations.

A well-designed PKI smartcard CMS can provide automated and self-service management capabilities, as well as allowing certain admin functions to be delegated to authorised staff through secure workflows with audit trails.

Additional RFID applications (such as door access) can be supported, alongside the primary application which is securing IT systems and data using government-grade, hardware-based encryption technology.

To remove implementation barriers, we have put together a 5-user ‘Proof of Concept Kit’ based on our many years of experience in supporting organisations of all sizes through PKI logon implementation projects.

For advice on sourcing the right products for PKI smartcard projects, as well as competitive reseller pricing and fast delivery of most items from stock, please get in touch.