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Contact and contactless smartcards, tokens and tags


PKI-based logon & authentication


RFID, MIFARE & NFC card/tags


Combined RFID & contact chip cards


FIDO tokens

Dot Origin is one of the largest independent smartcard product stockists, with an extensive product range from world recognised vendors and brands.

We have unrivalled expertise in a wide range of smartcard and related technologies, both contact and contactless, from programmable Java cards and PKI logon cards to MIFARE RFID fobs and NFC tags and labels.

We can help with just about anything smartcard related, including selecting the right products for a PKI smartcard deployment, custom encoding and printing of smartcards, and manufacturing hybrid smartcards that combine specific contact & RFID chips.

For advice on sourcing the right product for any requirement, as well as competitive reseller pricing and fast delivery of most items from stock, please get in touch.