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Secure access – simplified


FIDO keys


Biometric keys


RFID encryption management


Secure DESFire cards

KEY-ID, a Dot Origin brand, believes that security products can only be truly effective if they are simple to use, however complex the underlying technology may be.

KEY-ID FIDO security keys

Cost-efficient FIDO2 security tokens to secure access to both the cloud and desktop. Designed for secure authentication to many services with the aid of a single authenticator, supporting multiple technologies including U2F, WebAuthn and Windows Hello.

KEY-ID Encoder

Simple to use tools for encoding standard DESFire cards with bespoke customer-generated encryption keys – securing physical access cards against card cloning and replication attacks. Supports NXP SAM AV2 for secure key storage and compatible with multiple third-party DESFire readers including Aperio, HID and STID.

Pre-encoded Key-ID cards and pre-configured readers with custom DESFire keys are also available. Please get in touch for more info.