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Elatec - RFID systems


Elatec smartcard readers and modules


HF/LF card readers


Programmable firmware


OEM modules


Reader customisation

Dot Origin is an official distributor and OEM channel partner of Elatec and stocks a selection of Elatec RFID readers as well as offering access to the wider range of the readers and modules plus associated value-added services including configuration and firmware development.

In addition to the popular TWN4 range (commonly used for reading RFID smartcards for print-on-demand applications), Elatec readers are also available for physical access control and contact smartcard applications, and they all benefit from a common operating system platform and tools that allow custom firmware applications and alternative connectivity, such as RS232.

Our in-house team can develop and install on-board firmware modifications to suit different applications, including custom on-board card and tag reading and decoding functions as well as custom communication protocols with a host system.

If you need further help or advice on choosing and sourcing the right Elatec product for specific requirements, please get in touch.